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If you run into a moose today, think twice before feeding it snacks from your bare hand — Alaskan officials recorded North America’s first-ever rabid moose this month. In addition to the whole rabies thing, it’s worth noting that hand-feeding a moose is generally a terrible idea.

Also: Independence Day means you’ll sadly have freedom from The Hustle as well. We’re off for the next few days — see you back here July 5.

In today’s email:

  • Rest assured: These late-night snacks really might help you sleep.
  • The big picture: How IMAX’s big screens reel in big bucks.
  • Watch and learn: The latest and greatest from our YouTube channel.
  • Around the Web: Fantasy ambiance, a Niagara Falls daredevil, a squeaky-clean skunk, and more.

👇 Listen: Why you shouldn’t snooze on the new “fourth meal.”

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Midnight snack
bedtime snacks

The business of bedtime snacks

For as long as I can remember, the fourth meal has been Taco Bell. Specifically, a Crunchwrap Supreme at 2:15am after closing down a karaoke bar.

But now, there’s a new fourth meal designed to give you a peaceful night’s sleep at a reasonable hour.

Bedtime snacks

The global sleep aids market was valued at $67.5B in 2022, per Polaris Market Research. Meanwhile, interest in “functional” beverages and snacks, with special ingredients for things like focus, energy, and relaxation, has also taken off in recent years.

Thus, it’s not surprising that there’s an emerging market of sleep treats, per Food Dive.

Examples include:

  • Nightfood, which makes cookies and ice cream
  • Nestle’s Goodnight chocolates
  • Post’s Sweet Dreams cereal

Nightfood’s products are designed for people who already indulge before bed — containing less sugar, fewer calories, and sleep ingredients like tryptophan, which our bodies use to produce melatonin.

Post’s cereal contains lavender, chamomile, and vitamins that support melatonin production.

But do they work?

We’re certain they’re more fun to nosh on than melatonin gummies, and more satisfying than downing a couple valerian capsules. But can they replace them?

It’s long been said you shouldn’t eat before bed, but recent studies suggest that while a large meal hurts, a light snack could help. That’s especially true if it’s rich in nutrients, low in calories, and includes sleep-inducing ingredients — like tryptophan.

It may be a while before we get studies on these specific products, but they’re probably better for you than chowing down on a Crunchwrap Supreme before passing out…

… Though we can’t guarantee we won’t do that again.

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eyeball wearing a hat

The Supreme Court struck down affirmative action yesterday, barring consideration of race in US college admissions. The decision is limited to higher ed, but expected ripple effects on business include: fewer grads from underrepresented backgrounds in the workforce, and more legal challenges for corporate diversity initiatives and equitable hiring practices.


TodAI in AI: Typeface, an AI-powered content creation startup for enterprises, must be feeling font-astic after securing $100m in funding — as should text-to-video AI startup Runway, fresh off $141m in funding.

Oh, and… topping them all: AI’s newest, most wild investment round comes from personal assistant maker Inflection AI, which raised — prepare a dramatic gasp — $1.3B.

Get ready for more like this: Microsoft is rolling out AI-made shopping guides — e.g., if you search “camping” on Bing, expect it to generate a product list recommending things like tents and sleeping bags.

High hopes: Virgin Galactic safely completed its first commercial spaceflight, and has sold ~800 tickets for future flights. Wanna join them? No problem — just pony up the required $450k.

Scratch that: The US economy actually grew at a 2% annualized rate in Q1, per the Commerce Department — a revision from the previous estimate of 1.3%.

This sucks: In a new survey from the Anti-Defamation League, 52% of US adults reported experiencing hate or harassment online, up from 40% last year.

Going extinct: National Geographic cut 17 editorial roles, including all of the magazine’s staff writers and its entire podcast staff — the end of an era for the 135-year-old publication.

Don’t remind us, Linda: Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino warned her team it’ll require “hand-to-hand combat” to bring advertisers who fled Elon Musk’s brand of chaos back into the fold. Not wrong, but some real funny word choice while her boss is training for a needless potential bout with Mark Zuckerberg.

Generational differences can be tricky to navigate, especially now with five different generations in the workplace for the first time ever.

Olivia Heller

How IMAX keeps reeling in the big bucks

The real “mission impossible” is getting Mission: Impossible onto bigger screens.

The situation: Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One opens July 12. Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer blasts into theaters July 21.

Oppenheimer has an agreement to play on every IMAX screen in North America for three weeks upon release — meaning the Cruise camp only has IMAX screens for about a week, which will likely impact the movie’s bottom line.

The big picture

In case it wasn’t clear, IMAX screens reel in eye-poppin’ profits. Per Variety, Sony’s latest Spider-Man film earned an average of $34.2k per IMAX screen throughout its opening weekend, versus $19.7k on standard screens.

  • Last year, Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick earned $100m+ from IMAX alone.

While movie attendance is still down 33% from 2019, per Variety, demand for IMAX-style moviegoing is booming. Globally, IMAX accounted for ~1% of screens showing Avatar: The Way of Water, but generated 11.3%, or $250m, of the film’s box office sales.

Though IMAX saw revenues plunge throughout the pandemic, the company projects ~$1.1B in global box office sales this year, returning to 2019 levels.

Rewinding the tape: IMAX has come a long way since 1994, when current CEO Richard Gelfond took over. For an interesting look into how the company swapped business models and cut costs, check out Gelfond’s take here.

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How Google built an accessible brand

Accessible, as in, also made for those with disabilities — which affect way more people than you’d expect.

This episode of Inclusion and Marketing breaks down Google’s quest for universal access, and how to apply those lessons to a budding brand.

Listen below for a better understanding of accessible branding.

How Google crushes inclusion →
Watch and learn
YouTube and Chill

Grab some corn (pop is fine, we prefer bread), find that perfect position on the couch, and enjoy the latest from our channel:

  • Do you, in the presence of YouTube’s vast library, filled with cat videos and epic fails, solemnly swear to watch our clip about Las Vegas’ $2B wedding tourism industry? (Now’s when you say, “I do.”)
  • Many of you probably work 40 hours per week, on the dot. If you’re Elon Musk — if so, uh, hello? — you’re probably putting in more like 80-120 hours. If you’re Icelandic, it might be closer to 35. What if we’re all getting it wrong?
  • That’s just showbiz, baby. No, literally, we made a video about the biz of shows — as in the economics of Broadway — an industry that draws in 14m+ people a year and produces multibillion-dollar megahits like The Lion King.
  • What’s causing mayhem in the housing market? Is buying a home a good investment right now? We talked with The Psychology of Money author Morgan Housel to find out.

😲 On this day: In 1859, Jean Francois Gravelet, AKA Charles Blondin, became the first person to tightrope across Niagara Falls, balancing 160 feet above the Niagara gorge in pink tights and a yellow tunic.

⚔️ Useful: Background ambiance and music for your next “D&D” campaign. Or, if you’d like to listen to “Friendly Land” music with some nice rain sounds.

🧠 Blog: A deep dive on mental health in the workplace.

🦘 Haha: How animals attack.

🦨 Aww: And now, bath time.

  1. Social anxiety is basically conspiracy theories about yourself. SOURCE

  2. Due to coin flips, George Washington still makes decisions to this day. SOURCE

  3. Maybe superheroes wear capes to hide the zipper on the back of their onesies. SOURCE

  4. If centaurs were real, the bottom half would start walking around immediately after being born, while the top half would be all floppy for the first two years. SOURCE

  5. Somewhere, someone is spending their last week with a full set of fingers. SOURCE

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