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What’s 3.75k lbs. and orange all over? The largest-ever gummy bear, of course — recently crafted by 20+ Dutch confectioners. The size of ~850k standard gummy bears, it took nine days for the over 8-foot-long candy colossus to solidify in its mold.

In today’s email:

  • We regret to inform you: AI is bound to bypass your spam filters.
  • Video: Could a little financial paranoia actually be a good thing?
  • Treasure chess: Teens will, teens will rook you.
  • Around the Web: A cool article reader, the psychology of buying, Norway’s cyclist tunnel, and more internet finds.
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The big idea
canned spam

Oh, cool. AI is expected to bring about a spam renaissance

It can be exciting to know that people in every profession are looking at AI and imagining ways it can revolutionize the way they work — until you remember spamming is also a profession.

Think today’s junk-ducking obstacle course (say, repeatedly silencing “Unknown Caller” and hitting “Report Junk” on a half-dozen fake UPS delivery texts every day) is a headache? Keep some ibuprofen handy — you’re not gonna love the AI-powered future of spam.

Enabled by generative AI, spammers will be better equipped to get their messages in front of people — also meaning their nefarious counterpart, scammers, will be better equipped to squeeze susceptible populations, warns computer science expert John Licato in The Conversation.

More tools, more fools

This How-To Geek article on teaching ChatGPT how to write in one’s personal writing style feels different through the lens of the classic “trick people into thinking their boss is emailing them” scam.

And that’s just the start of the tricksters’ paradise ahead, per The Conversation:

  • Current spam filters will need to be remade; while AI can sharpen new anti-spam tools, it can also be used to evade them.
  • AI will help cyberpests better target individuals — able to more easily tap into subjects’ personal data (ahem, social media), spammers’ and scammers’ persuasion skills will magnify.

Convincing voice and image generation add yet another extortion tool for criminals, as proven by this AI-enabled kidnapping scheme every mom in the world breathlessly shared on Facebook this month.

Pouring gasoline on a nuclear explosion

Cybersecurity firms are on the case and OpenAI is agreeable on setting guardrails, but trying to stay ahead of (increasingly emboldened) bad actors would be an expensive game of Whac-A-Mole.

Training models to register spam, expanding ID-verifying programs, and educating users are all resource-intensive work.

And they’re up against a tough opponent: cybercrime is a booming, if mega-illegal, industry. If it continues to grow at its current 15% YoY rate, the global annual toll will hit $10.5T by 2025.

Just goes to show: Teach a man to phish, you’ll unfortunately feed him for a lifetime.

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eyeball wearing a hat

Getting your bubbly less chubbily: A French team has uncorked a Champagne bottle with a record-low weight of 1.76 lbs. — about the same as a 28 oz. can of soup. The key to shedding heft: better glass distribution in the bottle’s “shoulders,” the sloping area between its neck and body.


You can’t always get what you want: Microsoft’s $69B acquisition of gaming giant Activision Blizzard hit a hurdle yesterday, with the UK’s antitrust authority blocking the deal. A high-stakes appeal is forthcoming — the purchase will likely be off if Microsoft loses.

Better Zuck this time: Meta had a rosier earnings report than expected, beating revenue and daily active user projections, and vindicating Mark Zuckerberg’s AI-forward strategy — which has totally always been the plan, rather than something like the metaverse, which was definitely never the plan.

Good news for those of you tired of real-life dystopian thoughts like, “When will I be replaced by AI?” Netflix announced “Black Mirror” will return for its sixth season in June following a three-year break.

Metaverse Beauty Week will debut on Decentraland, Roblox, and Spatial from June 12 to 16. The event will include gamified brand interactions, including treasure hunts and NFT wearables.

Bummer: Japanese space company ispace lost contact with its lunar spacecraft moments before what would have been the first commercial moon touchdown. CEO Takeshi Hakamada said the company had to assume the vessel didn’t complete the landing.

Closing time: Texas real estate agent Ben Caballero has been profiled in this very newsletter for his absurd ~16-a-day home-selling rate. His 2022 was similarly nuts: Caballero set a new record for real estate volume, selling $3B worth of houses.

Bed Bath & Beyond stopped honoring its famous 20%-off coupons this week as the chain settles its affairs and prepares to leave the mortal coil. At its peak, the company mailed out ~1B of its Big Blue coupons every year.

… Don’t toss those coupons out yet: The competition will still give you 20% off — The Container Store says it’ll honor Bed Bath & Beyond coupons through May 31, in case you need somewhere to store the shoes you used to kick their old rival while they’re down.

Late-night cravings: Wendy’s has served chili in its restaurants since 1969. This spring, you’ll be able to buy it in a can at the grocery store for $4.49 thanks to a partnership with Slim Jims-maker Conagra.

Not again: Ticketmaster can’t seem to stay out of hot water. This time, fans claim it bungled the ticket giveaway to King Charles’ coronation concert with a confusing, contradictory system.

Where, kitty, kitty? Tile unveiled a new $40 cat-tracking tag with a collar attachment. Tile claims it has a 250-foot range and a battery that can keep tabs on your tabby for up to three years.

Cheat codes: If you’re a creator, this clip breaks down 10 websites you may not have heard of that can make your life way easier.


Want to think more creatively to solve business problems? It’s actually a skill you — and your team — can foster. Here’s how to do it.

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From the pod: To achieve greater financial success, do yourself a favor and become… insecure.

Okay, not exactly — but we did recently speak with Morgan Housel, author of The Psychology of Money, about how some good ol’ paranoia can help set you up for a healthy financial future.

You can check out the two-minute clip by moving your thumb half an inch and tapping the link below. Just don’t let these financial tidbits get to your head, or one day you might end up naming a yacht “Compensation,” and nobody wants that.

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The Global Marketing Playbook

Well… you’re marketing to the internet, anyway. Might as well make it official.

To help you craft a universally sound strategy, we made the Global Marketing Playbook with the juggernauts at Lokalise and Rock Content. Enjoy the tag-team effort of this free ebook.

From the global marketing guide:

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For pitching to the world with confidence.

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Check Yo Self

The teen’s gambit: Chess is cool again

Did you log on to after watching Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit” just to make sure you weren’t an undiscovered chess prodigy?

Us, too (we weren’t, so we’re still writing this newsletter). But, according to The New York Times, the youths persevered with the hobby long after we toppled our queens.

And we’re not just talking a handful of nerds

Since November, the number of daily active users has surged from 5.4m to 11m+.

  • The biggest growth came from players ages 13-17, and 549k of them used the site in January and February (18-24 is the second-fastest-growing age group).
  • A site record of 31.7m chess games were played on Jan. 20.

While lets users play for free, paid plans ranging from $4.17 to $10/mo. offer features like educational videos, unlimited lessons and puzzles, and game reviews.

What’s driving the surge?

It started how most trends do — with influencers. In 2020, the site began hosting tournaments with prominent influencers like xQc, Ludwig, and MrBeast.

Then came the chess streamers: GothamChess, GMHikaru, and Alexandra Botez have millions of followers who watch their live Twitch streams for thousands of hours each week.

And, in December, acquired the Play Magnus Group, a chess company founded by world champion Magnus Carlsen.

Plus, the chess tea is piping hot

There’s Hans Niemann’s butt controversy, the ongoing beef between him and Carlsen, and the World Chess Championship, happening in Kazakhstan right now. And, of course, Mittens the cat.

If all of that’s not enough to blow your mind, we present to you: chess boxing.

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✈️ On this day: In 2005, the double-decker Airbus A380 took its maiden flight. Despite being the largest passenger airliner in the world, it couldn’t compete with the Boeing 747 and production ceased in 2021.

🚴🏾‍♀️ That’s interesting: Norway built a 1.8-mile-long tunnel exclusively for cyclists.

🧠 Smart: Want to learn buyer psychology in three minutes a week? Why We Buy’s free newsletter explores the hidden reasons why people buy.

👂 Useful: An app that saves articles, then reads them back at up to 4x the speed.

🐑 Aww: And now, is there anything more serene than this lamb?

Twitter business influencers meme

“I have seen a private jet. Here’s me in front of the Eiffel Tower (Vegas). AMA.” (Link)


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