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Every time we get down on human ingenuity, dog-treat maker Lord Jameson is there to pick us up. Their new product is a party: confetti sprinkles for dogs — and yes, they’re organic. Drab puppy cupcakes weren’t high on the list of things we never want to see again, but they sure as hell are now.

In today’s email:

  • Airbnb vs. its hosts: Are hosts going off on their own?
  • US manufacturing booms: Factories are back from their floor.
  • Hold the door? Another 234 people can fit in this elevator.
  • Around the Web: A cool portrait gallery, emoji law, better phone calls, and more internet finds.

🎧 On the go? Listen to today’s podcast to hear about Mario’s a-millions, Tupperware’s stock tumble, FedEx taking a new route, and more.

The big idea
Map of San Francisco

Will Airbnb’s biggest hosts leave the platform?

Airbnb may have a new competitor on the block: its own hosts.

Edwin Dorsey of newsletter The Bear Cave wrote that amid a deluge of terrible experiences, the Airbnb community has drifted away from independent offerings toward professionally managed vacation rentals.

They’re often highly rated and, most importantly, reliable. They’re also taking over.

  • Per AirDNA, just 1% of Airbnb and Vrbo hosts are professional property managers, but account for 23% of all listings and 28% of total revenue.

Dorsey’s hypothesis…

… is that these superhosts are building their own booking platforms and websites, and offering discounts for private reservations.

  • Airbnb guests and hosts pay 14% and 3% fees, respectively.
  • Dorsey’s report found a two-night Stay Heirloom listing that was ~$125 cheaper than on Airbnb; we found a Fort Lauderdale Stays listing that was about ~$344 less for a four-night stay.

Upon the release of Dorsey’s report — which highlighted several negative Airbnb guest experiences ranging from unpleasant to deadly — shares dipped 5%, per Reuters.

Is there any good news for Airbnb here?

Hosts Sara and Tony Robinson, who manage 22 listings, previously told Business Insider they were ditching Airbnb to have more control over bookings and avoid fees, though they questioned whether a newcomer could fill their calendar without Airbnb or Vrbo.

And that’s what Airbnb does have: a huge platform and a lot of name recognition, which puts hosts in front of guests without requiring them to spend on marketing or outreach.

It also had a pretty solid 2022, with revenue up 40% and active listings up 16% YoY in Q4 2022.

Of course, one of the biggest competitors may remain the old-fashioned hotel, which doesn’t charge a cleaning fee then ask you to mop.

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eyeball wearing a hat

Two months after his release from prison, convicted fraudster Billy McFarland tweeted, “Fyre Festival II is finally happening.” No specifics on the event have been made public, but we’ll guess the mission statement involves making $26m — the amount McFarland is required to pay back defrauded investors.


Flipping one’s lid: Tupperware may not have much left over in the tank as its shares fell nearly 50% to start the week. The 77-year-old container company is cash poor and has received a delisting warning from the NYSE — layoffs, asset sell-off, and bankruptcy are all on the table.

Another thing they want you to spend $12/mo. on: New features have been added to YouTube Premium, the ad-free subscription version of YouTube, including higher video quality and support for videos together through FaceTime.

Please stop: Elon Musk has once again set the world ablaze with laughter after painting over the “w” on Twitter HQ’s sign. We’ll just leave this unpaid vendors’ class-action suit info here for whoever was hired to create Elon’s “Titter” masterpiece of hilarity.

… somehow he wasn’t done: Much like its “When Nature Calls” sequel accomplished the impossible in taking the Ace Ventura franchise to new comedic heights, Musk added to his sterling humorous reputation, changing his Twitter display name to Harry Bōlz. Oh, the laughter. It hurts.

Beyond the sea: Aqua Cultured Foods turned its fungi-based “seafood” into $5.5m of seed funding, the latest in a cultivated protein gold rush. The alternative seafood market is expected to be worth $1.6B in the next decade.

Meat your match: It’s a banner day for those who feel a normal Vegas elopement isn’t farcical enough — the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile will be hosting weddings just north of The Strip this weekend. Oscar Mayer will pick up all expenses, including a stomach-turning hot dog-themed cake.

Nefarious porpoises: Amazon banned Flipper Zero, a small dolphin-branded device that can read and copy RFID and NFC tags and digital keys after TikTokers showed off how it could scan credit card info, even through pants.

Meanwhile, the FBI and FCC are warning against using public phone chargers, saying hackers are using them to infect devices with malware. They call this “juice jacking.”

Big Shot is a new podcast hosted by Shopify president Harley Finkelstein and DavidsTea founder David Segal. The two teamed up to highlight Jewish entrepreneurial history.

Bars, donuts, lines: God, we love a great chart. Visualize data deliciously with these free Excel graph generators (just input the figures for up to five variables).


When a life-altering accident left Stephen Cluskey in a wheelchair 20 years ago, his world changed overnight. Now, his startup is making the office a more accessible place for 1.2B people around the world.

Construction spending on US manufacturing by year
Olivia Heller

Construction spending on US manufacturing cements all-time highs

Talk about nailing your numbers.

Last year, the US posted record spending on construction related to manufacturing — which you can think of as investments made toward building the stuff that builds your stuff.

After growing ~4% annually for decades, America’s production capacity has been seemingly stuck in the mud ever since China entered the World Trade Organization in 2001.

Spending, however, has continued to rise, and the US may finally be breaking ground on building that capacity back up: In 2022, capacity grew at its highest level since 2015, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Behind the rise?

Cars and chips — not the potato variety, as much as we’d like that to be the case.

Partly influenced by the rethinking of supply chains in the aftermath of pandemic struggles, the CHIPS and Science Act is now putting billions of dollars toward semiconductor manufacturing capacity, and the Inflation Reduction Act is putting billions more into EV battery production.

  • Measured in square footage, WSJ found these two industries accounted for about half of all US manufacturing construction in 2022.

Whether America can actually find enough people to get these factories up and running is another question. The National Association of Manufacturers says its industry — which represents ~10% of the US workforce, or ~13m people — is still short 800k workers.

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Free Resource

We hustled all the way to the Webbys

Some extreme-coattail-riding happening in the headline. But yes, we’ll be pulling up in a groovy blue Winnebago, not unlike The Mystery Machine.

But really: My First Million is the brainchild of our founder Sam Parr and Milk Road founder Shaan Puri, two hella sharp and self-made dudes.

In the past few years, the duo has grown one of the top-ranked business podcasts in the world. They sit down with legends like MrBeast, Rob Dyrdek, Hasan Minhaj, and Gary Vee… not that they need ’em.

The Webby Awards is like the most prestigious honor for excellence on the internet. Down to help us win?

Voting closes on April 20. Fill it so we kill it.

Vote for MFM 💸 →
Uplifting News
Elevator buttons

Don’t pretend you aren’t interested in the world’s largest passenger elevator

We’ve newly discovered an elevator in India that can transport up to 235 people at once. Think you’ve got it in you to NOT learn more about it?

… that’s what we thought. Settle in, friend, you’re gonna be here for another 250 words.

Let’s talk specs

The ~277.5-square-foot elevator was unveiled last year at the Jio World Centre in Mumbai by Finnish vertical transport juggernaut Kone Corporation.

The largest passenger elevator in the world, India’s honkin’ new lift weighs 16 tons, is supported by 18 pulleys and nine ropes, and moves between five floors at a speed of 1.3 feet/second.

  • You could lay an adolescent giraffe down on its side and it would fit inside — we haven’t tried, but wish we could.

And we should mention it once more: The elevator can carry 235 people in one go.

Wanna see this baby in action via overdramatic promo video? Of course you do.

Where does Kone test its elevator tech?

Glad you asked — this side quest similarly blew our minds. Kone is among the “Big Five” in the global elevator business alongside Thyssenkrupp, Otis, Schindler, and Mitsubishi.

But per Elevator World, Kone is in a league of their own when it comes to their testing facility, which hosts the world’s deepest elevator shaft (~1,150 feet under Tytyri, Finland).

Yes, under. Because Kone HQ is in a skyscraper-free country where no building exceeds 432 feet, it had to go the other direction — conducting research underground in a limestone mine.

Its extensive acceleration, speed, braking, and deceleration testing includes a ~650-foot free-fall test. That’s 5x the drop in Disney World’s Tower of Terror.

BTW: The world’s largest freight elevator, located in China, is its own rabbit hole you can free-fall down.

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🍏 On this day: In 1976, Apple released its first computer, the Apple-1, for $666.66 (~$3.6k, today). Only ~200 were built before the Apple II came out in 1977.

💩 That’s interesting: The poop emoji comes up in court more often than one would think.

👂 How to: Tweak settings to make your phone calls sound great.

👤 That’s cool: The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery now features 1.8k cut-paper silhouettes from artist William Bache, and you can search to see if your ancestors are among them. The portraits were previously unavailable to look at IRL because some were contaminated with arsenic.

🐦 Aww: And now, from foe to friend.

meme about circling back

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