We’re back with the best -- and most bizarre -- of CES Day 2
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We’re back with the best — and most bizarre — of CES Day 2

Here’s a recap of the best -- and most bizarre -- announcements from the 2nd day of CES.

The brightest minds — and the thirstiest investors — were roaming the floors at CES yesterday. Here are 4 trends we noticed:

1. Everyone cares about privacy now

At least that’s what you’d think based on new privacy initiatives from Google, Amazon, and Facebook. But you shouldn’t believe everything you hear at trade shows… 

But… the default strategy for most of these tech giants remains the same: collect and monetize user data.

2. The future of food is a whole different flavor 

Investors seemed hungry to disrupt the ways we grow, eat, and store food. Here are the tastiest food-focused sound bites:

3. Robo-friends are on the rise

With loneliness increasing, the cultivation of companionship is an important project. Here are some of the computerized companions on display at CES: 

4. Flying cars are still cool

Flying cars have long been a caricature of the far-flung, utopian “future.” But now, they could really be close to getting off the ground:

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