EMAILED ON January 13, 2020 BY Conor Grant

Bezos takes a beating for Amazon’s contribution to Australian wildfire relief

It wasn’t a good weekend for Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder said in an Instagram post on Sunday that the ecommerce giant would donate $1m in Australian dollars — or about $691k in US dollars — to help fight the brush fires that are causing thousands of people to evacuate.

For a billionaire, $691k looks like pocket change

So suggests Business Insider, which rounded up the web’s most brutal reactions — people were quick to point out that Amazon’s pledge is equal to what Bezos himself (net worth: $117B+) makes in a matter of minutes. 

Here’s a quick list of A-listers who’ve pledged or given as much or more:

It’s not just celebrities who are getting into the act: A sex worker claims to have raised 7 figures by selling her nudes in exchange for donations. 

And the Australian sex-toy company Geeky Sex Toys says it’s raised $15k to fight the fires — from sales of something called the, um, Down-Under Donation Dildo.

As Geeky’s website says: “Buying a sex toy has never felt so good.”