Why cozy is taking over the world

There’s opportunity in the growing cult of the cozy -- if you can be smart about it.

There’s a reason your Instagram feed is filled with ads for weighted blankets, self-heating mugs, and mindfulness apps. Brands are going cozy, and cozy is big business. 

It wasn’t always this way. Remember when the loner, sewn to his couch in sweatpants, was a punch line? Now he’s a role model, right down to those suddenly stylish sweats. What gives?

The world is a dumpster fire. But there’s more to it than that.

Yes, people want to feel safe as the globe burns (literally). But as Vox’s Rebecca Jennings explains: Marketers are pivoting to hygge because Generation Z seems to want more of it, even if no one’s exactly sure how to pronounce it.

It can be dicey to opine on entire generations. Even so, a few things ring true: 

  • Research has shown that Generation Z is more likely than their elders to adopt progressive stances
  • They’re worried about work-life balance… 
  • … and corporate ethics are a big factor in their purchasing choices

So it stands to reason that they might want to draw brighter lines between the office and the couch. They’re shut-ins, and they’re proud of it.

Here’s why you should care: Businesses can unlock opportunities by leaning into this vibe, if they’re authentic about it. That means you better figure out how to pronounce hygge — and quick.

Can’t get the hang of hygge? Try your hand at kalsarikänni — that’s a Finnish word for getting drunk alone at home in your underwear.

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