Digits: Butter, boy bands, and electric mail

Plus: An expensive page, and the Broncos’ family problems.

Looks like a platypus lol. (Source: USPS)

1) Spread this news: For the week ending Dec. 11, 2021, the price of grade AA butter hit $2.02 per pound, up 40% YoY. Then, the week ending Jan. 7, 2022, the price hit $2.66 per pound. The culprit: shortages of resources and labor, as per usual.

2) Green mail OTW? The United States Postal Service said its 212k-truck fleet could go all-electric for $3.3B. Much of the cost is for charging infrastructure at its 17k+ locations. The organization operates at a loss; it’s lost $87B since 2007.

3) Strawberry Prince is a boy band with millions of TikTok followers, billions of views on YouTube, and 170k people watching its livestreamed concerts. The catch? They don’t exist — they’re animated and one of 10k+ virtual YouTubers from Japan.

4) Following a legal ruling that a Canadian company does not, in fact, have rights to the Denver Broncos, the team could now be put up for sale by the 7 children and sibling of former owner Pat Bowlen. The challenge? The children each own ~11% of the team — valued at $3.8B — and aren’t in agreement over what to do.

5) One page — literally, a single page — of art from a 1984 Spider-Man comic sold for $3.36m at auction last week. The page is the 25th in Marvel’s Secret Wars No. 8, and it’s the 1st place Spider-Man’s black symbiote suit appears.

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