What questions should businesses be asking themselves in 2021?

How should small businesses navigate uncertain times? Start by answering these 5 questions.

With so much uncertainty, sometimes it’s worth going back to basics.

Below are 5 smart questions our analysts came up with to help guide you and your business this year.

  1. What are 3-5 values driving your company?
  2. At The Hustle, we try to embody our values in our work. Three of our core values are:

    • Default to optimism
    • Foster a growth mindset
    • Disregard ego

    List your values, then ask yourself: Can you match a milestone you want to reach in 2021 to each of them?

  3. What is one subconscious assumption you’ve made about the new year? What’s your backup plan if it’s wrong?
  4. Examples: “Things will go back to ‘normal’ in 6 months” or “the shift toward [ecommerce, remote work, telemedicine, etc.] will be permanent.”

  5. What will you deprioritize this year to make room for what matters?
  6. As you add or change priorities for your business, what are you saying no to?

  7. Why do people love your product or service? What holds them back from loving it?
  8. How would your customers feel if they could no longer use your product?

    Truth test your answer with Superhuman founder Rahul Vohra’s product/market fit test.

  9. What’s the one thing you do better than anyone?

Costco does cost tangibly better. Apple does quality tangibly better. Amazon does speed tangibly better.

What’s your secret sauce? And how can you lean into that more this year?

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