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EMAILED ON February 2, 2020 BY Nick DeSantis

Just what every tween wanted: sex ed invades TikTok

America’s doctors are using a tried-and-true tactic to teach America’s tweens about sex: Meet them where they are.

Here in 2020, that means one thing. Fire up the TikTok machine.

The #tiktokdoc will see you now

The New York Times ran down all the ways M.D.’s are turning TikTok into a less-than-a-minute clinic:

It sounds wholesome. But this is the internet, and the internet finds a way to ruin everything.

Just ask the doc who Tok’d about vaccines

Dr. Nicole Baldwin, a pediatrician in Cincinnati, posted a viral clip pointing out all the diseases that can be prevented with vaccines — which don’t cause autism. She was bombarded with threats.

Vaccine talk isn’t the only thing to spark controversy. 

Angry Twitter users spawned a competing hashtag (er, #tiktokdocsGoneWild) to criticize docs who tell young patients that they can see them without their parents — for things like birth control and STD screening.

One time, the advice was just plain bad

Last month, a TikTok user calling herself Nurse Holly deleted a video in the face of a giant backlash. Her clip said waiting to have sex until you’re married was the best way to prevent STDs.

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