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Wine recommendation app Vivino raises $155m, with hints of a marketplace to come

With 67m reviews and 13m wines in its recommendations database, Vivino wants to build out its wine marketplace.

There’s been a pretty unmissable trend over the past decade: people rudely interrupting restaurant meals by snapping photos of the wine bottle.

We can all blame Vivino, the wine recommendation app that just raised $155m (per TechCrunch) to keep you snapping wine labels.

The numbers from Vivino’s website are impressive:

When you have this type of juicy data, you don’t eff around.

Sure enough, Vivino will be using the funds (and data) to build out its marketplace. With a big audience in hand, Vivino can become the leading wine ecommerce platform.

It’s still very early days for the firm: It has 200 employees and sells wine in only 17 countries… which means there will be many more dinner interruptions to come.

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