First look: Apple’s mixed-reality headset

The Information saw a late-stage prototype of Apple’s mixed-reality headset.

An artist’s rendering of the headset from The Information.

The Information pulled a glorious scoop and put its eyes on a late-stage prototype of Apple’s mixed-reality headset.

Here are some details:

  • A ultra-high-resolution 8k display
  • Advanced eye-tracking tech
  • Swappable headbands (!!)
  • Pegatron — the Taiwanese manufacturer of iPhone and iPads — is the manufacturing partner
  • The price is — brace yourself — estimated at $3k (about 10x Facebook’s Oculus and in the ballpark of Microsoft’s Hololens).
  • At this price point, Apple is only targeting 250k unit sales, and it could ship as early as 2022.

Read our previous coverage of why Apple is going upscale on its headset. In the meanwhile, here is Trung’s rendering of what the Apple VR thimble might look like:

Prepare to misplace a lot of these iThumbs.

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