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Fox crosses the goal line on Super Bowl ads

This week, it declared inventory sold out.

Olivia Heller

Every year, it feels like the goal posts for how much a network can charge for a 30-second Super Bowl ad slot grow taller and taller.

Even so, Fox sold 95% of the ad inventory for Sunday’s big game by September, and this week declared a sellout, per Variety.

In 2022, NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl LVI generated $578m+ just from in-game commercials. Take pre- and postgame ad revenue into account, and you’re looking at $636m.

This year, Fox charged up to $6m-$7m+ for 30-second ad slots, and the company says slots sold better than usual throughout the day.

But the journey to a sellout wasn’t without unexpected late hits, with some companies pulling back on ad spend last year as the economy soured.

In particular, crypto companies, which made waves for their Super Bowl ads last year featuring Larry David and a QR code, will be absent from this year’s lineup.

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