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This company will mail you an hourglass for your wellness

Unlike its boxy competitors, Madefor calls itself a program: 10 boxes, over the course of a single year.

If you’ve ever researched breathing techniques and thought, “I wish I could pay someone to mail this advice to me,” you’re in luck.

Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes, is making moves with a subscription box called Madefor. It will include such essentials as an hourglass, a “calibrated water bottle,” and booklets that explain “the science of how we flourish.”

Each Madefor box aims to teach wellness strategies, including how to breathe properly and drink enough water — tips that you definitely can’t just crib from WikiHow.

The price of the privilege: $750 to go ‘all-in’

Unlike its boxy competitors, Madefor calls itself a program: 10 boxes in 10 months. Each box includes a monthly challenge, a gizmo to help build a healthy habit, and a booklet explaining the science behind it all.

If the price tag seems steep, not to fear. Mycoskie is offering “scholarships” to select applicants, though they might not cover everything. When it comes to staying healthy, Madefor told Fast Company  you need “some skin” — meaning money — “in the game.”

But in the booming wellness box market, Madefor requires a bit more, er, skin from subscribers than its competition. 

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