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Green flag: Being a cheap date during inflation

Singdhi Sokpo

TikToker Marin Haugo recently embarked on an experiment of love in New York City: 28 dates in 28 days.

Throughout the run, one man spent $1k across six dates with Haugo. Another spent $600 on their night out.

While the price tags on some of Haugo’s dates are far from the norm, the experiment surfaced a reminder for many:

Dating has gotten really expensive

Match Group recently estimated US daters are collectively spending $117.4B annually looking for love, or $1.56k/person per year, up 40% in the last decade.

Match, which is testing a $500/mo. Tinder plan, has found that today’s singles’ top three worries aren’t looks, first impressions, or rejection, but the economy, their long-term finances, and the effects of inflation.

Another report from LendingTree found 19% of daters are going on fewer dates because of inflation. That’s understandable:

Another stat: MassMutual reported that the average American spends $121k on dating throughout their lifetime.

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