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The e-bike industry is hot… No, literally

e-bike battery fires over time

Singdhi Sokpo

Many electric bikes are blazing fast, but some… well, they’re just blazing.

Last year, there were 216 e-bike battery fires in New York City, according to The Wall Street Journal, where micromobility-related fires have injured 40 people and killed two this year.

The thing is… The battery-powered transit industry is booming. In 2020, the US imported 450k e-bikes. Last year, that number was 1.1m. Also last year, electric cars represented 5.8% of new auto sales, up 65% YoY.

Last week, the New York City Council voted on laws to further regulate the safety of electric micromobility devices.

Cool stuff: Fire-resistant batteries are in development, though ones large enough to power cars aren’t here just yet.

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