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A consumer’s guide to the coronavirus

A lot of small businesses and workers are struggling due to the coronavirus crisis. Here’s how you can help.

March 20, 2020

The economy is in freefall. Businesses are hurting, and so are their customers and their employees.

And if you’re stuck at home, but you want to help — we’ve got you. 

We’ve been talking to people across the country who are developing strategies to lift up businesses and workers around them, and we’ve compiled their ideas in this brief report on how to help your fellow humans.

Below, we’ll identify: 

1. Food and Drink 

With most consumers confined to their homes, restaurants, bars, and markets are dealing with huge drops in foot traffic.

What you can do:

2. Personal Care

As consumers self-quarantine, barbers, manicurists, makeup artists, and personal trainers can no longer get close to their clients. 

What you can do:

3. Retail

Many brick-and-mortar retailers have been forced to close their doors, and some independent e-commerce sellers are struggling with price and product availability manipulation on big platforms like Amazon.

What can you do:

4. Leisure, Recreation, and Vacation

With large event venues, museums, and hotels on lockdown due to restrictions on large gatherings, performing artists, tour operators, and other hospitality businesses are struggling to stay in business.

What you can do:

And plenty of people need help beyond these industries

In fact, many of the people who need help the most aren’t working at all. 

Here some other groups of people who need assistance, and some ideas about how you could help provide it:

If you have ideas about other ways customers can make conscious consumption choices, tweet @TheHustle. We’ll update this guide with your ideas.

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