Someone please entertain the kids

Parents are searching for new ways to keep their kids active, and companies are pivoting to meet the new demand.

Kids are bored at home. Finding ways to keep them entertained is about to be big business. 

US parents already spend $22B/yr on after-school activities like sports or dance classes, not to mention $36.2B/yr on child care. But as schools across the country shutter, kids are stuck in self-quarantine 24/7. 

Meanwhile, parents (either WFH or applying for new jobs) are sleuthing out ways to keep their kids active. 

Kid-tainment is taking off

Companies from across several industries have pivoted to meet the rising demand:

  • Instagram fitness stars like Joe Wicks are picking up 1m+ viewers by streaming morning exercise routines for kids from their YouTube channels. 
  • is hosting virtual cooking classes for parents and kids. 
  • Other parents are turning to free, ad-supported classes like Cosmic Yoga, Art Hub for Kids, and GoNoodle

Your kid is now a virtual camper

Many kids’ programs run on a freemium model — with profits coming from a volatile ad market. But some are selling subscriptions, or “bunks,” in virtual camps.

  • MarcoPolo World School is an education program that teaches STEAM curriculum  through videos ($9.99/month).
  • Brain Chase offers tutorials in art, computer science, and zoology styled like a virtual treasure hunt. It’s offering a Spring 2020 Quarantine Challenge ($99 to $219/season).

If your kid hates their piano lessons, they may be out of luck, even in isolation. Searches for terms like “online music lessons” and “online art classes” have boomed in the last week.

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