Trends community highlights: Unexpectedly hot items for your socially distant lifestyle

It’s not just about toilet paper and WFH essentials.

Adrian Salamunovic got a message most entrepreneurs would only dream about.

“Hey all,” he said in our Trends Facebook group, “a producer from the Today Show reached out to me to ask me to source ‘Best sellers during social distancing.’”

He asked our Trendsters to highlight solid businesses that are selling well in tough times. The responses came flooding in, and here’s the cool part: They’re not just toilet paper and WFH essentials.

Even the suggestions covering the industries you might expect (ahem, booze biz) highlighted products you might not think about. Here’s a sampling.

  • Traveller Collective: Clips and necklaces that commemorate past travels. “We have no disruption to our supply chain and have currently not seen any dip in sales.” (Hunter Durham)
  • Aura Frames: Digital photo frames. “… our sales have actually picked up since the crisis and we’re getting a lot of inbound press requests.” (Christine Zalocha)
  • Rainy Day Letters: Send people letters full of kind things other people have to say about them. “Things are pretty shitty right now, and mental health is a big worry, so our service/product is seeing a lot of attention.” (Wyatt Cavalier)
  • Proof Alcoholic Ice Cream: Say no more. “We are seeing incredible growth at the grocery store level and also increasing orders with our e-commerce partner.” (Jenn Randall-Collins)

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