Delivery dogs to the rescue: the 4-legged friends of socially distant shopping

A few companies and extra neighborly types are enlisting their pups to help with deliveries.

We give these good boys and girls a 12/10.

Some companies and super neighborly types are enlisting their pups to deliver groceries and other essentials while people are sheltered in place.

They make life in quarantine a little less ruff

A winery in Maryland turned to an 11-year-old boxer named Soda Pup (that’s Soda for short) to help deliver bottles to customers.

The saddlebags that Soda wears on his back limit him to carrying 2 bottles at a time, but he’s gotten very good at the job — “as long as there are no bunnies, or geese, or other critters to distract him,” the winery noted.

  • In Colorado, a woman trained her golden retriever, Sundance, to deliver groceries to an elderly neighbor.
  • In Maine, a musher who one day hopes to train for the Iditarod is doing the same, using her trusty team of sled dogs. They travel 50-75 miles per day to complete 4-6 orders.

There’s no need to fear your furry courier: Cats can be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 (remember the tiger at the Bronx Zoo), but household pets aren’t much of a danger. Just wash your hands after tipping/petting.

If you’re allergic, don’t despair. Driverless delivery pods could be for you.

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