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How one of Clubhouse’s most popular shows is building a business

NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys is a popular Clubhouse show that is part dating game and part improv comedy. Here’s how the founders plan to turn it into a business.

April 20, 2021

Every new social app creates space for different content and different business models.

Social audio app Clubhouse — which just raised funds at a $4B valuation mere months after notching a $1B price tag — has become a blank canvas for new ways to monetize live audio.

Among the most interesting experiments on the platform is “NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys,” which The Washington Post describes as a combo of an interactive comedy show, dating game, and podcast.

Founded by a group of New York University (NYU) grads…

… this Clubhouse room re-creates the atmosphere of a bar. Attendees get the opportunity to spit some game at potential dates (AKA “shoot your shot”).

The live nature of the room can lead to viral unscripted moments and attracts upward of 10k unique Clubhouse users a night.

The Hustle recently spoke to 2 of the show’s co-hosts — Devin Lewtan and Sarah Jannetti — to find out what’s next for NYU Girls:

As an inspiration, the pair mention Bethenny Frankel. The one-time reality star (The Apprentice) parlayed her media success into a $100m+ lifestyle consumer brand (Skinnygirl).

In the meantime, you can get roasted yourself every Tuesday and Thursday at 10pm ET.

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