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The future is here. The question is, how can you help your business get ready for it… and fast?

Vena Nation week.

VNW is a free virtual learning and conference experience that was created to help business leaders and decision makers like you make your businesses more resilient and adaptable.

Why should I go? Your free ticket gives you access to:

  • 40+ live and on-demand sessions from thought leaders and FP&A experts
  • 3 different tracks to personalize your experience
  • 50+ keynote speakers and industry experts, like best-selling author Ryan Banayan and world-renowned global business authority Ryan Patel
  • 60+ hours of learning and industry training content to help you prep your business for today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future
  • 30+ Continuing Professional Education credits you can earn

The world is changing faster than ever — why not try to get a step ahead?

Vena Nation week starts on Tuesday, May 12 at 11am ET. Click the button below to get your free ticket.

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