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Luxury car washes, explained

Owners are offering everything from food and drinks to hookah to lure customers.

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The car wash industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

Commercial car washes became a thing in the US in 1914 — 6 years after Ford’s Model T hit the streets. The 1st car washes relied on humans manually pushing the car through the wash. That changed in 1946, when the 1st semiautomatic car wash opened in Detroit.

Per The Wall Street Journal, car washes are entering a new era defined by what customers can do while waiting for their car.

Luxury car washes…

… offer customers a wide range of amenities beyond waxing and sealing. Some examples include:

Then there’s the crown jewel — a car wash in Zurich with a 2nd-floor dance club.

So why are car washes getting so fancy?

A few reasons:

While one expert believes the “mixed model” can be successful, it has its risks. Building out extra amenities isn’t cheap, and there’s a good chance many customers won’t take advantage.

For more: Check out Auto Spa Bistro’s menu, with car-themed items like The Beamer omelet, the Mini Cooper Brunch, and the Bugatti Burger.

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