Quick, answer these 3 questions:

Money in the bank

  1. Do you own a home or car? If not, sorry this ad isn’t for you.
  2. Do you enjoy being efficient with your time? If not, sorry this newsletter isn’t for you.
  3. Do you like saving money? If not, sorry but wtf? Who are you, Rick James?

If you did answer yes to all three questions above, then you should check out Policygenius.

Policygenius looks at your home and auto insurance for you, then compares them to other policies to see if there’s any savings you’re missing out on. It’s kinda like if a nerd did your homework for you, and then paid you for it.

We’re talking an average savings of $1,127 per home and auto customer.

Sound too good to be true? Click here and see for yourself. Just remember to thank us when you save more money than you got from your stimulus check.

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