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Boomers are moving online. How are companies coping?

Baby boomers are jumping online. Brands need to respond with new products and better UX.

May 12, 2021

Baby boomers are not afraid to open their wallets.

According to The Economist, households led by this generation — born between 1946 and 1964 (aged 57-75) — spend $64k a year.

This figure is nearly 2x the spend by those born after 1997.

The pandemic ushered many online

In 2020, one American boomer segment — those over-65s — upped their online shopping by 53% YoY.

Here’s what they dropped money on:

SilverSingles — a seniors dating site — notes healthy growth, while consumer goods giants like Nestle and Danone rolled out drinks to promote healthy aging (e.g., by improving mobility, immunity).

Despite the spending power…

… only 3% of ads in the US target over-50s, per The Economist. Corporations clearly have room to allocate more resources there.

Further, companies have room to improve their digital experiences for the older set with:

When it comes to serving this spendy generation, saying “OK, boomer” to their needs makes a lot of business sense.

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