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A wave of robots are hitting the kitchen

Restaurant robots can now flip burgers, make shakes, mix cocktails, and even tell jokes

May 17, 2021

In case you were wondering, this is what a salad-making robot looks like (Source: Chowbotics)

They can’t instantly whip up an Earl Grey or pasta al fiorella like the “Star Trek” replicator, but robot chefs are having a moment.

Chef Robotics — a startup creating a robot to handle commercial kitchen tasks —  just raised $7.7m, per TechCrunch.

Though the actual bot has yet to be revealed, Chef Robotics promises it will increase production and consistency, waste less food, and save restaurants money.

The news comes as restaurants across the US…

… are struggling to find workers. Demand for robot chefs also increased during the pandemic as businesses looked to decrease human contact.

Notable food names are testing out nonhuman labor:

What else can robots do?

A lot:

So, yeah, not quite “Star Trek,” but it’s progress nonetheless.

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