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Wayfair thinks AR/VR shopping is the future of retail

Wayfair co-founder Steven Conine thinks future-us will shop for furniture using 3D models of our homes.

Try-before-you-buy has gone digital.

At the Jefferies Virtual Consumer Conference earlier this week, Wayfair co-founder Steven Conine predicted that “at some point in the future every home in the US will have a 3D model associated with it.”

Design teams use those models…

… to show customers how furniture would look and fit.

Wayfair previously experimented with AR in its View In Room feature, which lets customers digitally place furniture at scale in their homes.

Other furniture companies have similar tools:

3D tech is also hot in other retail:

Here’s a party trick for you: Use AR to let the people on 19 Crimes’ wine labels tell you their misdeeds.

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