This cannabis company is mining the celeb-to-consumer pipeline
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This cannabis company is mining the celeb-to-consumer pipeline

Canopy Growth is teaming up with Martha Stewart and other celebs to bring cannabis products to the masses

The inevitable byproduct of Martha Stewart’s buddy-buddy relationship with Snoop Dogg has arrived: Martha Stewart-approved edibles.

Everyone’s favorite homemaker/onetime criminal is one of several celebs developing and sponsoring products with the cannabis company Canopy Growth.

After an impressive climb in early 2019, Canopy started to slip — reporting a $1.3B net loss in its most recent earnings report. The company is hoping some star power will ignite a rebound.

These marijuana mavens are turning over a new leaf

The collabs are only a part of Canopy’s comeback strategy. The company’s supply chain includes a farming operation that grows 4m+ square feet of marijuana crops, multiple health-research firms, and a constellation of consumer brands.

With flashy sponsors like Stewart, Drake, Seth Rogen, and Snoop Dogg, the Canadian company hopes to make CBD more palatable to the average consumer.

So what’s in a name?

Snoop named his cannabis line Leafs. Rogen’s is called Houseplant. Drake went with More Life Growth Co.

Canopy has yet to release the name of Stewart’s products, so we here at The Hustle would like to offer up some suggestions: 

Thank us later, Martha!

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