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A new meme-making matrix could take your mashup game to the next level

Koji wants to amplify memes by remixing them, in the same way that TikTok squeezes more juice out of audio and video mashups.

July 2, 2020

For years, digital tools like Photoshop have helped demystify design for amateurs (and have successfully convinced them to stop using Comic Sans).

Koji, a new startup that allows users to create and share interactive content, is here to do the same for the meme economy.

It’s time to go pro

As Fast Company put it: Koji wants to amplify the power of memes by remixing them, in the same way that TikTok squeezes more juice out of mashed-up audio and video clips.

Koji CEO Dmitry Shapiro and his team amassed an extensive gallery of remixable templates — memes, selfies, and games. 

Users can share their creations on social media, embed them in websites, or send them to friends — all without one iota of coding or editing experience.

And for those of us who actually can code, Koji encourages techies to create new templates and even monetize them.

Making memes is step one

But Koji could be much, much more. 

Shapiro told Protocol that his technology could eventually replace all single-use apps. Everything a user makes in Koji is a web app, meaning it can be embedded anywhere — even inside another service.

Imagine a world where you can Postmates some lo mein without ever leaving your Zoom call. Revolutionary. 

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