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Why small businesses should think like media companies

What TikTok truckers taught Codie about the future of small businesses.

Everyone’s an influencer.

You may have heard that before. But I have a thesis that:

How do I know? Because of truck drivers. Do you know what truck drivers look like these days? I mean, I had a slightly different visual than this… (get it, girl).

My point is…

… I own a portfolio of dozens of boring businesses that weren’t exactly “tech-enabled” when I bought them (many still used fax machines).

And yet, there’s a sponge company out there with a ~$0 marginal cost of advertising, and 1.8m TikTok followers — Scrub Daddy.

The company:

If you own a business, I can’t imagine spending a better dollar than on growing your organic marketing.

Tell your story in an authentic, entertaining way on social media, and watch your competitors struggle to keep up.

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