Digits: Star Wars, TikTok, and 750m slim cans

Plus, numbers from the UK’s measurement debate, and an almond backlog.

1) Star Wars fans, take note — a stormtrooper helmet worn in the original 1977 film will hit the auction block this month. If you already grabbed your checkbook, prepare to pony up — the opening bid for the helmet is $300k.

2) Slim cans are taking over the world. From Starbucks to Sanpellegrino, a range of companies have embraced the skinny alternative to the traditional 12-ounce can. Molson Coors produces 750m+ slim cans per year from its Golden, Colorado, facility alone.

3) The UK officially adopted the metric system in the ‘90s, but the imperial system still has its fans. Since 2001, Active Resistance to Metrication, a group “opposed to forced metrication,” has painted and stickered 3k+ metric road and footpath signs with ones that feature imperial units.

4) TikTok is facing legal action from the parents of two children who died while attempting the “blackout challenge.” Overall, seven children have died attempting the viral challenge, which encourages participants to choke themselves until they pass out.

5) US almond exports are down 13% this year due to supply chain issues, which has created a nutty backlog. About 1.3B pounds of unsold almonds are currently awaiting shipment in processing and packaging facilities.

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