Tell us: Do you think you’ll miss a mortgage or rent payment because of COVID?

This survey won’t be representative, but it will be a window into Hustle readers’ lives.

Hey folks,

So last week I asked how many of you are moving cities within 6 months. Thirty-three percent said they are. 

Now I want to ask something more pressing: Do you think you’ll miss your rent or mortgage payment in the next 3 months due to COVID? 

As of June, the IRS had sent Americans ~159m direct stimulus payments. There’s talk of a 2nd round of stimulus checks, but nothing’s certain yet. And the government’s $600-a-week expansion of unemployment benefits expires soon.

The Hustle’s audience is more affluent than the average American. And some experts are saying the people who’ve been hurt most likely earn under $40k/year. So this survey won’t be representative.

But I’m curious how you, our dear readers, will be impacted. I’ll share the results tomorrow.

So… do you think you’ll miss rent or mortgage payments soon? Answer yes or no below.

Sam, Founder & CEO of The Hustle

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