Could sitting on the floor be better than parkin’ it in an office chair?

Science suggests we might be better off parking it on the carpet.

Sit’s about to get real.

We’ve been working from home for way too long now… and our asses are feelin’ it. Turns out the best chair might be no chair at all

Color us floored

Science says criss-cross applesauce — or as yogis call it, sukhasana — can help stretch hip and leg muscles and correct natural spine curvature. 

So there’s one good reason to bust out the Dyson and deep clean the carpet.

Sure, your old chair was comfortable… 

… but who wants to bring home something that looks fit for an office drone

They say sitting is the new smoking, especially in the wrong kind of chair. Too much sitting ups your risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other ills. 

If you’ve got a swanky home office set-up, we’d love to have a peek. Hit reply and send us your pics — we’ll show off the best ones next week.

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