Digits: $23m security details, a food coloring boom, and $60 jumbo crabs

Plus: plant-based beat sales are up and Pokémon Go is going hard.

“Natural” food colours for the win (Source: Lisa Wiltse / Getty Images)

1) Wholesale jumbo lump crab meat is selling for $60 (compared to $18-$22 normally). The reason: The Chesapeake Bay blue crab population dropped from ~405m to ~282m in 2021.

2) There are a lot of billings happening in Billings. The Montana city saw the average price of a single-family home jump 32% to $376,248 in June, compared to last year.

3) Plant-based meat alternatives are on a roll. Veggie beef sales hit $371m+ in the last year (up from $291m) and veggie chicken sales reached $272m (up from $231m).

4) Pokémon Go has made $1.4B worldwide so far this year, $300m more than it banked in 2016, the year it launched — despite the fact its user base is down significantly.

5) The market for natural food colors is forecast to hit $3.2B in 2027. Blue-green spirulina algae, which is also halal, kosher, vegan-friendly and is used in yogurts, ice creams, and gummies, is rising in popularity.

6) Mark Zuckerberg’s security detail cost $23.4m last year. Just $1.7m was spent on security for Jeff Bezos, and $470k was spent protecting Apple’s Tim Cook.

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