A ~$15k Doritos chip? It’s hardly the first collectible snack.

A puffy Doritos chip is the latest in a long line of rare snack discoveries selling for big bucks.

Yep, that’s the ~$15k “puffy” Doritos chip… (Source: TikTok)

Australian 13-year-old Rylee Stuart recently posted a TikTok of a “puffy” Dorito she found in a bag of chips. The clip went viral, notching ~5.7m views.

So Stuart put the chip up for sale on eBay, where bids poured in all the way up to $100k.

In the end, Doritos awarded Stuart and her family AU$20k (~$15k) for their “creativity and love for Doritos,” and the chip was taken off eBay.

It’s hardly the first collectible snack

On eBay, you’ll find hundreds of “rare Cheetos,” including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan look-alikes.

Some notable rare snack finds include:

The bun was discovered at a Tennessee cafe in 1996. The cafe reportedly sold “Nun Bun” merch and kept it on display until it was stolen 9 years later.

The science behind snack imagery is fascinating

The human experience of seeing shapes out of randomness is known as pareidolia.

Studies have shown humans will interpret something as a face even with slight suggestions of facial features. It’s why you’ll think this building looks like it’s reacting to a murder.

And it’s why a Cheeto the shape of Harambe — the infamous gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2017 — sold for $99.9k.

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