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Instagram’s rough week, explained

Instagram’s been TikTok-ifying its app. Now, Meta’s in a pickle.

Someone recently told me they stopped using Instagram and, instead, scroll through Airbnb for fun.

Others are doing that, too. Not the Airbnb thing, but the spending-less-time-on-Instagram thing.

For many, the preferred destination is TikTok. So to combat the trend, Instagram’s been making increasingly blatant moves to TikTok-ify itself.

This week…

… new updates gave rise to an angry mob which included Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

In response, Instagram head Adam Mosseri, quite literally looking like a Minion, said that the updates need work but video is still the focus.

To make matters worse, all this was followed by Meta posting its first-ever quarter of declining sales Wednesday.

Then yesterday…

… in an interview with tech reporter Casey Newton, Mosseri said Instagram will walk back these changes so the company can design a better experience around them.

But while his update may have eased the tension, Meta still finds itself in a pickle.

For the time being, Mosseri has put out the fires. Perhaps now he can figure out why my friend is more interested in scrolling Airbnb than Instagram.

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