Digits: RV records, mouse brains, and $406m card games

Plus: Olympian tax breaks, remote work is happening from the couch, and Amazon’s record employment.

1) We’re on the road. Following a record-setting quarter in which 151k+ RVs were shipped to dealers, there are now 11.2m North American households that own an RV, +26% over the last decade.

2) Giving Google Maps a run for its money, scientists finished a 5-year project 3D-mapping the synaptic connections among a microscopic clump of 200k mouse brain cells.

3) This is just magical. Hasbro’s Wizards of the Coast division, which oversees gaming properties like “Magic: the Gathering,” brought in $406m in Q2 revenue, +118% YoY.

4) As per the Olympians and Paralympians Act of 2016, which ended a so-called “victory tax,” US Olympians earning less than $1m a year can pocket their $37.5k gold, $22.5k silver, and $15k bronze medal prizes tax-free.

5) This was written from a couch, and we’re not the only ones. A new survey of Americans working remotely found 45% regularly work from their couch, 38% from bed, and 20% from outside.

6) Well, that’s just nuts. One out of every 153 employed Americans now work for Amazon, or ~950k people in the US. Walmart employs ~1.6m Americans, or 1 out of every 91.

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