The Hustle

QVC’s Gen-Z-friendly cousin has mastered the product drop

NTWRK will turn your sneaker launch into a full-scale event.

Photo: NTWRK

How do you convince the world that Bronze Air Jordans are the must-have kicks of the moment?

Make only a few pairs available at once. Add time pressure. And drop ‘em on an episode of NTWRK, the live-streaming shopping app that sneakerheads love.

It’s must-see fashion TV

The average NTWRK episode pulls in 100k+ live viewers. Ten percent buy into a raffle, way more than the 1% average for other ecommerce sites.

NTWRK drops are full-scale events with celebrity guests. Midway through each event, one person announces that new kicks are up for grabs.

Within a second, they’re gone.

NTWRK is way ahead of competition

LeBron James, Drake, LiveNation, and Foot Locker are backers.

The show helped the streetwear brand Supreme parlay scarcity — and sweatshirts — into a billion-dollar valuation.

But some fashion companies are trying to outdrop the dropmaster:

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