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Travis Scott continues his hot streak of brand partnerships

Travis Scott has signed a production deal with A24, the film studio behind prestige films like “Uncut Gems,” “Moonlight,” and “Lady Bird.”

August 5, 2021

Travis Scott’s partnership game has officially reached “Sicko Mode.”

The latest is a collab with A24, the production company behind films like “Moonlight,” “Uncut Gems,” and “Lady Bird.”

The announcement included a sneak peek at the 1st joint project — a screenplay titled “Utopia” that will align with his next album release.

Where does A24 rank in the list of Travis Scott partnerships?

Time will tell, but here are 3 of our faves:

The partnership helps A24 diversify its portfolio

The studio explored a $3B sale to Apple last month, and according to Dan Runcie of Trapital, the partnership could help boost A24’s valuation.

While “Utopia” is in the works, we’re hoping the next project is a big-screen adaptation of RL Stine’s “Goosebumps” since Scott already has the theme song ready to go.

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