A fusion future is getting closer to reality

International partners just broke ground on the largest fusion facility to date, and a fusion startup just got a big boost.

August 14, 2020

Time for The Hustle’s best Bill Nye impression (courtesy of a poli sci major).

If we ever crack it, nuclear fusion could provide a limitless source of carbon-free energy.

It produces 4m times more energy than oil, coal or gas, and 4x more than nuclear fission — which comes with the scary downside of radioactive waste. But scientists have never figured out how to do it.

We might finally be making progress

Last week, the US and 6 other partners — including Russia, China, and the EU — broke ground on the ITER Project, the largest nuclear fusion facility to date.

The first trial, which involves burning plasma, is scheduled for December 2025.

Big fossil-fuel companies are getting into the game, too: Chevron, Equinor, and Eni have invested in the fusion startup Zap Energy.

Also funded by the US Energy Department, Zap says it’s zipping to the “shortest path to commercially viable nuclear fusion.”

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