What’s the best purchase you’ve ever made for $100 or less? Here’s what our readers said.

Across 100s of responses, the average price per item was $46.

Earlier this week, we asked you about your best $100-or-less purchase ever. And by golly, you delivered.

Across 100s of responses, the average price per item was $46.

Some themes emerged, including:

10 water bottles, 9 air fryers, 8 instant pots, 7 massagers, 5 Yeti tumblers, 4 egg cookers, 4 blenders, 3 dogs, 3 bidets, 3 TSA PreChecks, and 2 fly swatters.

Here are a few answers that caught our eye:

  • A $100 Spanish radio station: “It hadn’t done anything except just played the same music over and over for years… I added a morning show and new modern music and now it’s generating a profit of $6k+ per month.” — Scott (London)
  • A $25 olive tree: “I purchased it ~20 years ago and it’s now a part of our landscape and our lives and will hopefully be around forever.” — Sally (San Diego)
  • $100 AMC stock: “ 🚀 ” — J (Durango, Mexico)
  • A $17.99 garlic press: “I heard my girlfriend complain about how long it took to prepare garlic. I got her the press for her birthday. She’s my wife now.” — Matt (Moscow, Indiana)
  • An $80 workout trampoline: “Fun low impact way to lose weight, relieve stress, and throw adult tantrums.” — LaShonda (Charleston)
  • A $40 bidet toilet attachment: “Can you really put a price on a clean tush?” — Brian (Seattle)
  • A $5 website domain: “I spent $5 registering the domain Nuclear.vc. A few months ago, a guy named Naga Kataru (he created Google Alerts) reached out and paid me $3.5k for it.” — Braden (Los Angeles)

Thanks to all who answered, and keep an eye out for more community polls.

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