Digits: Solar sheep, a PornHub ban, and more

Plus: India’s electric boom, cheap pheromones, and Saudi tourism.

Karoline Thalhofer / Getty

1) Sheep now clear weeds on tens of thousands of US solar fields that pay shepherds up to $500/acre annually. Sheep are more versatile than horses, cows, and power mowers, and better behaved than goats.

2) In India, automakers sold 430k electric vehicles in the year ending in March, a 3x increase YoY. Cars accounted for just 18k of those, with two- and three-wheeled vehicles making up the rest.

3) A month after Visa and Mastercard suspended card payments for advertising on PornHub, the site’s 13.1m-follower Instagram account was taken down.

4) Researchers have developed a cheaper process for manufacturing pheromones — used by some farmers to confuse bugs and prevent reproduction — that could cost $70-$125 per kilo, down from $1k-$3.5k per kilo.

5) Saudi Arabia plans to invest $1T over the next decade into its tourism industry, aiming to draw 55m tourists annually by 2030. In the first half of 2022, 6.1m paid a visit.

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