How brands are doing samples in a pandemic
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How brands are doing samples in a pandemic

When the pandemic upset the time-tested practice of in-store sampling, brands got creative.

“Just one… OK, maybe 10” (Source: Noel Hendrickson / Getty Images)

Free samples — arguably the best part of grocery shopping — disappeared at the onset of the pandemic.

As consumer behavior changed, brands were forced to rethink the time-tested practice.

Sampling is important because it works

Not only does in-store sampling introduce new products and refresh old ones, but also it sways shoppers from their usuals, increases store loyalty, and creates a sense of reciprocity.

Meanwhile, not sampling hurts. Rodrigo Salas of Molli Sauces told Eater that sales dropped ~30% after the pandemic halted sampling in 2020.

With consumer behaviors shifting…

… brands are testing new sampling techniques — and some of them are pretty creative:

We can’t speak to the actual quality of samples from a Freeosk, but what a great portmanteau!

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