The Hustle

Digits: Amazon in the sky, billions of parking spots, and $135m jewels

Plus: Longer wind turbines, CVS thefts, and ketchup fraud.

September 7, 2021

But can it do same-hour delivery? (Source: Amazon)

1) More than 70% of the US population now lives within 100 miles of an Amazon Air airport, up from 54% in April 2020.

2) Wind power is growing. In 2010, no US wind turbines had rotors over 115 meters in diameter. By 2020, 91% of new rotor installations were that size or larger.

3) There are an estimated 250m cars in the US, along with 2B parking spots. Cars spend ~95% of their existence parked.

4) German prosecutors filed charges against suspects in a museum heist of 18th-century jewels valued at $135m. When’s the movie coming out?

5) The organized retail theft industry is doing very well. It’s now responsible for $45B in annual retailer losses, and at CVS, reported thefts are up 30% in the last year.

6) Kraft-Heinz will pay $62m as part of an accounting fraud settlement. We’re just surprised the fine was for that and not for creating their mixed ketchup and ranch sauce, Kranch.

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