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Meet M12: Microsoft’s venture capital arm

M12 was launched in 2016 and has invested in 107 companies, including 13 unicorns.

Other than “Do we need a beer pong table?,” one of the most common questions that a corporation asks is “What do we do with our cash”?

The team at Microsoft asks that question while looking at a money pile that now clocks in at an absurd ~$130B.

One way Microsoft deploys the cash…

… is via its venture arm M12

According to Crunchbase, M12 was launched in 2016 and — investing only Microsoft’s money — has done 107 deals.

Here are the rules it currently runs by:

Startups benefit from the Microsoft machine

M12 invests in cutting-edge technology across industries from biotech to robotics to productivity to cybersecurity.

Per Crunchbase, a startup that receives a check gets “Microsoft muscle” behind it, including:

Microsoft isn’t the only Big Tech VC

Google (GV), Salesforce (Salesforce Ventures), Qualcomm (Qualcomm Ventures), and Intel (Intel Capital) have all done more deals than M12 in the past 5 years.

With a $2.2T market cap, it’s also hard for a VC deal to move the needle.

To date, M12 has invested in 13 unicorns ($1B+ valuation). If it really wants to make a splash, we think Excel-themed bedding fabric is the next frontier:

Source: Redbubble

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