EMAILED ON September 18, 2019 BY Emily Kelley

Ohh sheet: Casper aims to make your dreams a bit sweeter with CBD gummy bears


Millennial-focused mattress startup Casper has partnered with hemp company Plus to release a line of CBD sleep gummies. It’s the latest in Casper’s series of sleep-centric offerings (including dog beds, bedside tables, and Glow lamps) aimed at helping the brand become the “Nike of Sleep.” 

Casper has been a leader among direct-to-consumer startups —  one of several brands to transform traditionally yawn-inducing staples (think: razors, meds, luggage and feminine products) into must-haves for millennials dreaming of attaining a certain branded lifestyle ideal. 

The snooze market has potential since, well, everyone does it

By offering science-backed slumber services in addition to its mattresses, Casper has secured new revenue streams while appealing to the rising value that sleep-deprived consumers place on holistic health and wellness…. also on weed. 

However, emerging competitors such as Avocado and Lull are in hot pursuit. We’ll see if entering the thriving CBD space helps Casper differentiate itself and turn a profit… In the meantime, if you need us we’ll be poppin’ gummies at The Dreamery.