Digits: Jordan, Ferrari, and Yellen

Plus: Apple’s pickle, and the Etherium Merge.

1) A jersey Michael Jordan wore in the first game of the 1998 NBA Finals sold for $10.1m, making it the highest-priced game-worn memorabilia ever.

Digits: Jordan, Ferrari, and Yellen

2) Ferrari debuted its first-ever four-door model — the $389k Purosangue, Italian for “thoroughbred.” The company plans to make a maximum of ~3k units annually.

3) In 2017, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen inherited her mother’s stamp collection, worth between $15,001 and $50k. It’s led some to believe she’s an avid collector herself, though that’s reportedly not the case.

4) Apple reportedly spent $120m on an Oscar-contending Civil War era film called Emancipation, starring Will Smith. Problem is, Will Smith was banned from the Oscars for a decade; now the company isn’t sure when to release it.

5) The Ethereum Merge will reduce the preeminent crypto network’s annual electricity use by 99.9% and its CO2 emissions from ~11m tons to ~870 tons, less than what’s needed to power 100 US homes for a year.

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