Fighting Fidos: The latest entry in the growing home security market

The company Harrison K-9 sells “executive protection dogs” for all of your home protection needs… but these tough little furballs will cost you.

Introducing Harrison K-9, the company that trains and sells security dogs for all of your home protection needs. 

The South Carolina-based pup provider selects elite European German shepherd puppers from Germany trained in obedience, scent-tracking, attack commands…oh and they’re trilingual (…another day, another animal more accomplished than I am). 

Snuggly and safe — what’s not to love? 

Well, the price tag, which fetches around $50k (and up to $230k for top-shelf tough fluffs). But Harrison’s happy customers — which consist largely of athletes, execs, and solo women — say you can’t put a price on safety. 

The company’s founder sees these doggos as a complement to the rising market for home protection products like “smart” doorbells. Another plus: As of this writing, there have been no reports of dogs surveilling their owners and selling their data.

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