What can we learn from Gen Z’s favorite brands?

Gen Z is hard to please but loves junk food and screen time.

While marketing to Gen Z is notoriously challenging, some brands seem to have it figured out.

What can we learn from Gen Z’s favorite brands?

Morning Consult surveyed thousands of Gen Z adults, and the data revealed some interesting findings about their preferences, including:

  • Gen Z loves junk food. Of the demographic’s top 20 brands, 35% are snacks, including Doritos, Oreos, and Pringles.
  • Gen Z is hard to please: The group’s average favorability rating is 27%, compared with 33% for all adults.
  • Gen Z is very online. Among the brands that Gen Z favors more than the general public are TikTok, Discord, and Snapchat.

So what can we learn from all this? The fastest way to Gen Z’s heart is probably through their belly or their iPhone.

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