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EMAILED ON October 15, 2019 BY Caroline Dohack

Big rig-driving women are the new queens of the road

Here’s something I betcha didn’t know: The number of female truckers has increased by 68% since 2010, due in part to a trucker shortage… and the promise of good pay.

Mother truckers make bank… or at least equal wages

The gender pay gap is problematic in many industries, but not trucking. Truckers are paid by the mile, per load, hourly, and sometimes even by salary… regardless of gender. 

New technology and changes in warehouse protocol have leveled the playing field. XPO trucks boast a modern transmission system that makes driving less strenuous. And, increasingly, at many warehouses, drivers — male or female — are not responsible for loading and unloading the truck.

As e-commerce gets bigger, there will be even more demand for transportation workers. Ladies, do your thing.

But life on the highway isn’t always easy

Rookie truckers must spend hours on the road with a trainer, and most are men. Plus, finding a safe place to park overnight can be challenging: Lots are often full at the end of the day, which means late arrivals must drive past their limits or park illegally on the side of the road… which can be scary for anyone.

Meanwhile, trucking turmoil is afoot — er — awheel? More than 3.6k Mack Trucks employees represented by United Auto Workers are striking for fair pay and job protections. This strike comes as the UAW’s nationwide strike against General Motors reaches its 1-month mark.

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