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The definitive list of all the different pricing models you can use

Pricing is one of the most important levers you can pull. Here is a guide on which strategy to use.

Last week, electric car company Lucid Motors — which has raised $1B+ — announced the pricing for its entry-level option: $69.9k after EV tax credits.

Naturally, Elon Musk — who priced the Tesla short shorts at $69.420 — announced a pending price cut of the Model S to $69,420.

Pricing Strategy 101

Based on this hilarious incident, we put together a definitive list of the best pricing models out there (via HubSpot Blog):

Not from HubSpot — but The Hustle’s personal favorite:

P.S. In related news, HubSpot’s CEO Brian Halligan recently joined the Trends Facebook group — BOOM!

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